15 jan. 2011


Hi lovely lady , 
Today I have another article about my closet. 
But this time a more exciting part  , my assecoires , make up and shirts. 
So here we go .... take a look and enjoy. 

Box with eye products

This is a really handy box , it was a gift box filled with bath products. 
I got it from my sister for christmass but I prefer to use it for my eye products. 
Everything fits in there ( except the palettes) and its nice and clean this way. 
I also ordered the products in to the boxes. 

Panther poof with boxes

This is my panther poof thing , with my cute boxes on in. 
These boxes are really handy to put your stuff in , it looks clean and you can grab stuff easy. 
I also have a few magezines and books on this spot cause its right beside my bed. 
So if I cant sleep I can grab something to read. 

My ear studs 

My necklaces

Few make up things , lip products and two palettes

Lip glosses and lip sticks

Make up spot

This is my makeup spot ,
 I do my make here every day or by my window its the easiest place in my room. 
With the big mirror and my facial cara products in the box ( also my bf's stuff ) 
The drawer is from ikea and its so handy. 

Lower drawer with Hair stuff and bits and bobs

Make up stuff and some bath products.

Parfume and hair clips

Hair care products , brushes/combs and blow dryer

Straightner and hair elastic in the box.

Drawer with shirts

This is the top drawer , with all my shirts
It looks like I dont have much shirts. 
But the rest in in the other closet haha.  

My accessories rack
This is my accessories rack. Its an old Bonneterie a bonbon etagere.
For chocolates and stuff and I use it for my accesoires. 
I love the vintage look and it looks kinda chic in its own way.

Well this was it , I've shown you every closet in the room ,except our bedsidetabels but there's nothing fun in there.
I really hope you liked it and deffinitly keep on checking my blog. 
I'm doing as much posts as I can for you guys so keep on following me. 
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