14 jan. 2011


 Hi there beautiful lady 
 Today's article is an article where I tell you : what's in my bag ? 
I will share what I take with my when I go out to school or to the mall.

Above you can see my bag an it's a great bag Primark. 
It was only €11 which is a GREAT price and I absolutely love this model. 

This is the inside of the bag.
My bag is packed for a day of school , I only took the books out. 

This is my phone , just a simple Samsung Star.
I got this phone from my boyfriend as a present. 

Btw. don't you love my background ,that's little babygirl Joyce.
A friend of the family and she is so cute
 ( on that picture she was 8 months) 
She is such a Happy baby and I love her very much. 

This is my on-the-go make up bag. 
Really easy and compact ! 
When I go to school I dont bring much makeup. 
Most of the time I dont have the time to fix my makeup. 

These are the products that I take with me to school. 
A compact powder -to powder my skin when it shines
A blush with kabuki - to give my cheeks a fresh look.
My lip gloss - to freshen up my face a bit  
My mascara 
And my mini sample from Estee Lauder serum 

If it's hot outside , or if the sun shines I bring my glasses with my.
I bought them on a festival and I love them.
I think they have an awesome print. 

 I always bring my deodorant and most of the time I bring my parfume. 
Just to fresh up a little. 

If it's a long day I'll bring my magazine with me.
Most of the times I bring my book , to read a little while i'm in the "tram"

I always keep this one with me, its a note book to make notes of idea's that are coming up.
Or if I wanna clear my brain out. 
And ofcourse I bring a pen with it. 

I also bring my wallet with me , everywhere I go. 
This contains my scooter papers and license. 
My ID , my ov-chipkaart (to travel free) , my insurance pass , my schoolcard , my shop cards 
And my airmiles and Albert Heijn card. ( dutchies will know these cards haha) 

 If it rains I bring my umbrella and I always keep my handgloves ( from primark) with me. 
Cause they keep my hands nice and warm. 

 These two things are always in my bag , they are just really easy to take with me and always come in handy. 

A handcream cause sometimes I have dry hands. 
Two lipbalms , one labello honey/milk and my EOS lipbalm in sweet mint.
I also always bring playing cards with me.
I also have a few candies in my bag for an energy boost and a hairclip. 

Well that's about it haha , that was my bag. 
This is everything that I bring , and this will explain the big bag that i'm carrying haha. 
And if i'm going to the cinema or to a club , I will only bring a lipgloss , nailfile , wallet and deodorant and sometimes a parfume sample. 

Question : Whats in your bag ? 
I hope you liked it and deffinitly keep an eye on my blog.