18 jan. 2011

Ricky Nelson - Eric Hilliard Nelson

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About Eric Hilliard Nelson / Ricky Nelson
Eric Hilliard Nelson better known as Ricky Nelson was an American singer-songwritter , instrumentalist and actor. 
Nelson began his career in 1949 playing himself in the radio sitcom series : The adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and in 1952 he appeared in his 1st feature film called : Here come the Nelsons. 
In 1957 he recorded his 1st single , and recorded a number one album called "Ricky ".
In 1958 Ricky recorded his 1st number one single called "Poor Little Fool " 

Rio Bravo 

In 1959 he recieved a Golden Globe , most promising male newcomer nomination after starring the western film " Rio Bravo. 

A few films followed and when the television series was cancelled in 1966 , nelson made an occasional appearances as a guest star on a few programs.

Early life of Eric Hilliard Nelson / Ricky Nelson 
Ricky Nelson was bord the second son of Ozzie Nelson and was born on May 8 , 1940 at 1.25 p.m. at the Holy Name hospital in Teaneck , New Jersey.
Both of his parents where playing in a big band : His father Ozzie Nelson was the leader of the big band and Harriet Nelson was the leadsinger

After Ricky was born his mother Harriet remained in New Jersey with her newborn and older son David while Ozzie toured around the nation with the Nelson Orchestra.
Ricky joined his parents and brother in Los Angeles in 1942. 

Ricky was a small and insecure child who suffeed from severe asthma. 

David on the left and Ricky on the right. 
Nelson family 

Nelson attended Gardner Street Public School , Bancroft Junior High and Hollywood High School between 1954 and 1958 from which he graduated with a B average.  He played football and represented the school in interscholastic tennis matches. 

At Hollywood High , Nelson was blackballed by the Elksters , a fraternity conservative sport loving teens who thought him too wild. 
In retaliation , he joined the Rooks , a greaser car club of sideburned high school teen clad in leather jackets and motorcycle boots. 
He tattooed his hands, wrists and shoulder with india ink and sewing needles , slicked his hair with grease and accomponied the Rooks. 

Nelson was jailed twice in connection with incidents perpetrated by the Rooks and escaped punishment after sucker punching a police officer only trough the intervention of his father. 
Ozzie Nelson was a Rutgers alumnus an keen on college education but 18year old Ricky was already in the 93 % income tax bracker and saw no reason to attend the school. 

At thriteen , Ricky was making over $ 100,000 per annum and at sixteen he had a personal fortune of $550.000. Like many born to wealth , Nelson had a cavalier attitude toward his finances and never learned to manage money so his parents allowed him to spend $50. 

Music Career 
Nelson played the clarinet and drums in his tweens and early teens , learned how to play a guitar and vocally imitated his favorite rockabilly artists in the bathroom of his house or in the showers.
He was influenced by Carl perkins and once said he tried to emulate the sound ant the tone of the guitar break of the top ten hit , Blue suede shoes. 
At the age of 16 , Nelson wanted to impress a friend who was an Elvis fan and told her that he too was going to make a record ( he did not had a contract that time)
With his father's help , Nelson secured a one-record-deal with Verve records , a jazz label looking for young and a popular personality who could sing or be taught to sing. 
In the year 1957 Nelson recorded the Fats domino standard "I'm Walkin " and  " A Teenager's Romance and " You're my one and only love "

Before the single was released Nelson made his television rock and roll debut on April 10 , 1957  lip-synching "Im walkin " in he Ozzie and Harriet episode.
"I'm walkin " reached number four on Billboard's best sellers in stores chart and its flip side . "A teenager's Romance " hit number two. 
When the television series went on summer break , Nelson made his 1st road trip an played your state and country fairs. 

Drug use 
Nelson experimented with marijuana , tried mescaline , was a regular cocaine used and carried the drug in a empt gisend capsule. 

Nelson liked woman very much and dated Hollywood stars. He became involved with troubled types and Nelson had a big sexual appitite and a casual attitude toward sex. 

First loves 
When he was 17 he met and fell in love with Marianne Gaba , a midwestern beauty queen. She appeared on "The George Burns and Gracie Allen show and audiotioned for the role of Ricky's girlfriend in three episodes in Ozzie and Harriet and won. Ricky's recognizability made it difficult to appear in public and they spended their time in drive-in movie theaters , scenis overlooks where Nelson played his guitar for Gaba.They went steady and Nelson gave Gaba a ring to commemorate the event. 

In 1958 , Nelson fell in love with the 15 year old  Lorrie Collins a country singer appearing on a weekly telecast out of California, called Town Hall Party. 
The two wrote the song "my gal "together and she introduced him to Johnny Cas and Tex Ritter. 
Collins appeared in an Ozzie and Harriet episode and Ricky's girlfriend and sang "just because " with him in the musical finale. ( see clip on the left ) 
They went steady and discussed marriage , but the parents didn't think this was a good idea. 

Their relationship which took 1 year , ended when 16 year old colling secretly married Johnny's Cash manager "Stu Carnell , nineteen years her senior , in LA. 

Marriage and Divorce
Kris Harmon 
Kris Harmon and Ricky Nelson announced their engagement in 1962 and they had been dating for a year.
They where married in the year 1963 on April 20 in the St. Martin of tours church in hollywood before 400 guests in a 30 minute catholic ceremony. 
Kris was pregnant and rick later described the union as a shotgun wedding. 
The newlweds went to celebrate their honeymoon on the Bahama's. 

In 1975 the Nelsons were on the point of breaking up but Kris wouldn't have any parental support. 
Kris her parents strongly disapproved a divorce. 
Rick and Kris both had affairs outside of the marriage. 
In October 1980 , Kris moved into a house , and filed for divorce. She was hell-bent on taking everything she possibly could and leaving Ricky ruined. In 1981 , Kris's attorney noted that Rick's assests were insufficient to warrant lengtly proceedins and recommended a quick settlement. Rick was required to pay , property taxes, docotor bills and school tuitions. 
Rick was almost broke and he refused to file for bankrupty because it would have a negative effect on his carreer. Finally the got divorced in 1982.

Georgeann Crewe
In 1980 , Nelson met Georgeann Crewe at the playboy resort in New Jersey. 
She was in her mid thirties and separated form her husband. 
They spent the night together and Nelson water her to stay and she couldnt refuse because she felt "an attachment , an immediate attraction ". 
The couple for together for a few months when they found out she fas pregnant. 

On 1981 , Crewe gave birth to Nelson's son , Eric Jude Crewe. 
When the infant was six months old , Crewe took him to a Nelson concert and plated herself in front row where Nelson had no choice but to gaze upon his progeny. 
She wanted Nelson to give blood to test if he actually was the real father. 

In 1985 , accompannied by her priest , Crewe went to on of Nelson's Jersey Shore concerts and altough Nelson wanted nothing to do with the boy , agreed to provide the two $400 per month.

Helen Blair
In his last years he dated Helen Blair , a part time model and exotic animale trainer. Within months or their meeting she became his road companion and in 1982 his live-in lover. She was the only woman he dated after his divorce. 

Blair tried to make herself useful in Nelson's life by organizing his day and acting for his fan club, but Nelson's family disapproved of her presence in his life. 
She used cocaine , she stole and shoplifter.  Ricky asked for understanding because Blair had a diffucult childhood. In 1984 , when Nelson gave Blair a diamond engagement ring, Harriet Nelson threatened to cut him out of her will. 
He made plans for a wedding at the Hilton Hawaiian Village , but had second thought backed out , and never mentioned marriage again. 
Blair died with Nelson and other band members in a Airplane crash in Texas. 

Nelson refused to travek by bus and decided to guy by private plane. 
The plane was plagued with annoying machanical mishaps. 
They day after Christmass 1985 , Nelson and the band left for a three stop tour of the southern Us. 
The plane crashed north east of Dalles in De Kalb.
Seven were killed : Nelson and his fiancée , Helen Blair , bassist Patrick Woodward , Drummer :  Rick intveld , keyboardist : Andy Chapin , guitarist : Bobby Neal and road manager Donald Clark Russels. 
Pilots Ken ferguson and Brad rank escaped trough the cockpit window though Ferguson was severly burned.

Together with Dean Martin and John Wayne
Again with John wayne and Dean Martin 

Rest in Peace Ricky Nelson 

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