15 jan. 2011

My zoeva brushes

Hi pretty gall , 
Today i'm showing you my make up brushes from zoeva.de
I absolutely love these brushes. They were so cheap they are real good quality.
And they where packed in a beautifull brushholder.
So check it out. 

This is the brush holder , its a gorgeous croc print. Thats why I ordered this set.
And there were enough brushes in there for me.

You can fold it open, really easy to use.

The holder has as you can see 2 "flaps ? " to protect your brissels of your brush
This is the whole set , with 18 brushes. Everything what you need.

This is part 1 , face brushes and a lipbrush.

These are the eye brushes , like eyeliner brushes and eyeshadow brushes.

close up from eyeshadow brushes and browbrush.

The eyeliner brushes and smugde brushes

These are a few of the face brushes. A fanbrush , stippling brush , foundation brush.

These brushes are just wonderfull . 
I always wanted my own brushes but I didnt had money for it. 
I always heard of mac and sigma brushes and really wanted a set too.
Unfortunately they're way to expensive.
So one day I ran into these gorgeous brushes and decided to order them.

So I took a look on the zoeva website and I fell in love with this set.
I couldn't believe it , that many brushes for €30 euro. ( YES 30 EURO :O ) 
That's € 1,66 per brush thats just SO cheap.

Take a look on the website .

 I hope you liked this article and deffinitly keep following my blog,