12 jan. 2011

Ava Lavinia Gardner

Hi beauty 
Here is another article about old fashion models or stars and this week I choose Ava Lavinia Gardner one of  the most beautifull actresses of that time. 

Ava Gardner - Early Career and Life
Ava Gardner was born as Lucy Johnson and she was born on a tobacco farm in Grabtown, North Carolina - United states, on 24 December in the year 1922.
She was the youngest of the seven children of the Johnson family. 
Her mother Elizabeth Gardner was a Baptist of Scots-Irish and english descent while her father , Jonas Bailey Gardner was a Roman catholic of Irish American and American Indian descent. 
Gardner moved when she was 13 year to Newport News,Virginia and then to Wilson , North Carolina. 
She attended Atlantic Christian college in Wilson for about a year. 
When Gardner was Visiting her sister Beatrice , in New York in 1941 , her brother in law offered to take her portrait ( he was a proffesional photographer).
He was so pleased with the results that he displayed the finished product in front of the window in his studio. 

When Barnard Duhan spotted the picture in the window in the studio , he tried to get Gardner's number. 
That time he was scouting for the MGM studio and he wanted Gardner to visit him for a intervieuw. 
Shortly after , Gardner travelled to New York and she was offered a standard contract by MGM and she left school.MGM's first order was to get Ava a speech coach cause he Carolina accent was that strong. 

Later Career 
In 1966 she wanted to play the role of Mrs. Robinson in Mike Nichols 'The Graduate (1967) but she never got the part. 
In 1968 Gardner moved to London undergoing an elective hysterectomy(removing the uteris) cause she was affraid of getting Uterine Cancer aswell , that already claimed her mothers life.
That year she made one of her best films called "Mayerling" she played the Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Austria , opposite James Mason as Emperror Franz Joseph 1.
Those upcoming years she played in terrible movies.

Her last movie was Regina Roma ( 1982) a direct-to-video-release. Then she acted on telivision till the year of 1986.

Oscar Nominations
Ava was nominated for an : 
Academy Award  ,A BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe.

Love Life 
Ava with Mick Rooney
Mick Rooney
When she arrived in Los Angeles she met fellow MGM contract player , Mickey Rooney , they got married on 10 january 1942 in Ballard , California. At that time she was 19 years old and he was 21 years old.
Rooney and Gardner divorced in 1943. He later talked about their sexlives and Gardner retorted "Well honey , he may have enjoyed the sex but I didn't " 

Ava with Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes 
Gardner became friends with Howard Hughes  ( businessman and aviator.
Their relationship lasted from the mid 1940's till the 50's. 

Ava with Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw
Gardner was married for the second time with Artie Shaw , who was the lead singer of a jazz band.
They were together form 1945 till 1946

Frank Sinatra

Ava's third and last marriage was with no on else then singer and actor Frank Sinatra.
She said in her autobiography that he was the love of her life.
Frank left his wife nancy that time for Ava and their marriage made headlines. 
His carreer suffered , while hers moved on.
Ava used her considerable clout to get Sinatra cast in his Oscar winninng role in From Here to Eternity (1953) . Because of the role and award revitalied both his carreers as a singer AND actor. 
Ava became pregnant twice but did two abortions because couldn't take care of them. 
Ava and Frank remained good friends after the divorced. 


Luis Miguel Dominguin
Ava divorced Frank in 1957 and moved to spain where she started to become friends with writer Ernest Hemingway.Ava's friendship with Ernest led her to become a fan of bullriding and bullriders such as Luis Miguel Dominguin , who later become her boyfriend. 

Final years 
After a lifetime of smoking sigarettes , ava suffered from emphysema,.
After two strokes Ava's left side was partially paralyzed and bedridden. 
Although Ava could afford the medical bills , Frank Sinatra insisted to pay everything and he want her to visit a specialist in the States and he even got her a private plain with medical staffed people on board. 
Her last words were "i'm so tired ".
After her death Frank's daughter visited her dad and she found him slumped in his room , crying and unable to speak. Ava was the love of his life and his inspiration to many of his wonderfull songs. 
True love lasts forever

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