6 jan. 2011

Favorite songs

Hi everyone , 
Music always been a mayor influence of my life. 
I grew up with music and my mom has a big music collection and we are always been listening music.And since i love to sing , im attracted to all kinds of music. 
Lately i've been listening the same songs over and over again cause I like them so much ! 

Is that just me or are u addicted to a song as well ? : ) 
Post me in the comment section below and let me know !!
These are my favorites for this month . 
Some are new and some are old. 

This song makes me wanna stand up and dance all night 
I love this video , its just fascinating
For my Dutchies , i just LOVE them i dunno why cause most of the time the lyrics dont make sense but somehow i really like them. And this melody makes me wanna bounce up and down haha. 
I always sang this song with my brother and we still love this guy , he makes amazing music. 

I want it to be summer again

this video is from 2 dutch artists - i love this song 
i just love this artist , he had an amazing soul voice

I hope you enjoyed reading/listening the article.
And that you liked the songs as much as I do.