28 dec. 2010

Mask time

hi gorgeous ,
Today i went to the shop to get some things that I really needed like a foundation , shampoo and some other things. And i really had to buy this product that I saw.
I bought a facial mask from the brand dr.van der hoog and i love this brand.
The products are a bit exspensive and only availleble in Holland.
But if you''re in holland deffinitly buy one to try it out

about the man behind the brand : dr pieter van der hoog :  
75years ago he made the first creams made from plant extracts out of love of his wife , that had a very sensitive skin.  Pieter van der hoog was born in 1888 in the Hague and studied as a doctor in 1913.
He worked all over the world as a dermatologist, and during his travels he became more acquianted with special herbs , oils and plants extracts( which the locals used for their care.

My experience -
- the product has a thick texture
- it smells like apple yumyum
- its a real creamy product
- the product is easy to apply
- there's a lot of product in the package
- costs € 2,10
- the product is not sticky it really feels like cream
- its not that easy to wash off

Opinion about this product -
I really love this product , after I washed the product of my face felt really soft , fresh and clean.
My skin tingle's a little , but it was said on the package so thats fine.
My face feels pure and nourished after the mask.

Well this was the article,
I really hope you liked it and enjoyed watching and reading.